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The following Committees shall be Standing Committees of the Presbytery:
  • Business – The Moderator, the former Moderator, Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer and Conveners of Committees. Vice Conveners may attend as required.
  • Governance:
    • Parish Appraisal
    • Superintendence
    • Safeguarding
  • Property and Stewardship:
    • Stewardship and Finance
    • Fabric and Glebes
    • Accounts Inspection
  • Mission and Service:
    • Church and Society
    • Ministry
    • Mission and Discipleship
    • World Mission
    • Pastoral Care of Ministers

Murray Campbell BUSINESS:

The Business Committee arranges the order of business for Presbytery meetings and deals with other administrative matters as required by Presbytery.


    David Brackenridge
  • Parish Appraisal
    The Committee undertakes the review and adjustment of congregations within the bounds, seeking the best distribution of strong congregations, adequately staffed, to provide the ordinances of religion and be effective agents of mission to all people of the area. The Committee has to take finance into consideration, as well as geography, population, the actual state and health of a congregation, the demands on the minister, the question of buildings and the future witness of the church.
    The remit includes drawing up a Presbytery Plan for future adjustment, and deciding on “necessary buildings”. Congregations must inform the Committee when reference is required to the Property and Stewardship Committee regarding repairs or alterations to buildings.
  • Superintendence
    The Committee undertakes to encourage and support congregations within the bounds, and to supervise them. The Committee undertakes to arrange Presbytery visits to congregations and report to Presbytery on these, ensuring that congregations carry out Presbytery and General Assembly instructions.
    It undertakes to support Presbytery and individual congregations in adhering to data protection legislation where it has an impact on the Church of Scotland.
  • Safeguarding
    To arrange and conduct training of volunteers, Kirk Sessions and co-ordinators within the bounds of Presbytery and keep regular contact with safeguarding services.
    Isobel Hunter
  • Stewardship & Finance
    The Committee is responsible for overseeing the financial health of the Presbytery and its congregations, and acting in an advisory and supportive role where required to enable congregations to maintain their engagement in service and mission in the name of Jesus Christ.
    The Committee presents Mission & Ministries allocations and related financial matters to Presbytery and congregations.
    The Committee keeps Presbytery informed of issues arising from the General Assembly, and from the Council of Assembly Stewardship and Finance Department. The Committee monitors the response of congregations to finance allocations and stewardship matters, and in particular must report on any shortfalls that might exist in a congregation in which a vacancy occurs.
    The Committee administers, and advises Presbytery upon, allocation of the Presbytery Discretionary Allowance.
  • Fabric & Glebes
    The Committee is responsible for the care of congregational properties as required by the General Assembly in Act XII, 2007 and for advising and supporting congregations in property matters, and especially in dealings with the General Trustees and with CARTA.
    The Committee examines all proposals by congregations for alterations to buildings; the Committee must be informed in advance where proposed repair work totals £15,000 or more.
    The Committee examines all proposals by congregations for the sale or let of land or property, making recommendations to Presbytery.
    The Committee is responsible for arranging Professional Surveys of congregational properties, and ensuring that recommended work is undertaken. This is achieved through an annual detailed examination of Property Registers, and through periodic visits by Committee members to all congregations.
  • Accounts Inspection
    The Committee is charged with examining and attesting all congregational accounts annually and reporting thereon to Presbytery and to the Council of Assembly Stewardship and Finance Department.
    The Committee extracts from these accounts information on the financial health of the congregations within the Presbytery, offering support where required and reporting, as appropriate, to Presbytery.

Dr Fiona Burnett To support, encourage, stimulate and promote Mission and Service within the Presbytery Bounds; with a bias to the poorest and most marginalised.

  • Mission
    • To reach out with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • To engage in mission beyond our walls.
    • To engage with and within communities as motivated Christians.
    • To lobby on moral, ethical, cultural and political issues in support of community spiritual Health and Well-Being.
    • To embrace World Mission and international partnerships.

Mission and Sevice Leaflet
  • Service
    • To be effective in missionary calling and faithful in participation through the one ministry of Jesus Christ.
    • To resource God's people in the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles in their worship, witness, mission and discipleship.
    • To enable ministries within the Bounds, through the recruitment, training and support of recognised ministries of the Church and the assessment and monitoring of patterns of deployment of those ministries.
    • To offer a strategic lead in the development of collaborative ministry which promotes the service of the Church of Scotland.
    • To recognise, support and benefit from talent within the Bounds.
    • To promote ecumenical relations.

The Committee have prepared and published a helpful downloadable leaflet that summarises the nature of the remit and work that the committee undertakes.
To download the leaflet Clicking on this Link or on the leaflet image to the right.

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