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Churches on line & within the Presbytery - Links and Resources

Presbytery Moderator The Moderator, Dr Fiona Burnett, has written the attached letter to all presbyters encouraging all to find and share new ways of supporting our church congregations in this unprecedented time. To download a copy of the letter click here.

The intention of this page is to provide easy access to links to services, reflections and resources that both presbyters, presbytery congregations and indeed anyone may use. This should help to enable Christian communities to continue in different way that best suit in these difficult times.

This is a learning experience for all not least the webmaster and any comments on what will be shown on this page will be gratefully received and acted upon if it is at all possible and within the technical skills of our systems and knowledge.

Links to online video and audio services
The Church of Scotland Worship Section -
This provides easy access to a large number of churches who are publically posting present and past services. It is split into regional lists and within the South region St Andrews Leckie is a participating congregation. Their services can be accesses via this LINK.

Sanctuary First is another great resource this having been the inspiration and work started by the Very Rev Albert Bogle. To access their website click on

In response to Fiona's letter an almost immediate reply came from Rev Leslie Steele. To read the practical suggestions that he has made click on this link.

Locally Bowden and Melrose Church has expanded their website and Facebook presence in response to this new situation of social distancing and Rev Rosie Frew has given permission to let us link directly into their COVID-19 resources page where there are regular reflections and Messy Church PowerPoints and activity sheets.

We are sure there are may other congregations in our Presbytery also undertaking similar imaginative things and if these congregations can communicate with the webmaster we will try to enlarge and enhance this resource.

The Parishes of Upper Tweeddale have also been active in putting together on line service and this can be watched by clicking on this link or the photo of Skirling Church.
The latest recorded on Sunday 29th March was recorded from various individuals sitting rooms thereby maintaining the social distancing we are all being encouraged to adhere to.

St Andrews Leckie have also posted an online service and this will play via a YouTube link. Simply click on St Andrews Leckie.

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